Thursday, April 30, 2009

African Email Scam - We receive at least one everyday

example of CIMB Email Scam

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recent Downtime Incidences and slow in

Dear customers
With regards to the matter above, we would like to clarify on the recent network downtime incidences in our hosting in Jaring Internet Data Centre, Technology Park Malaysia.
The Jaring IDC Network has been experiencing several Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in the recent weeks. The probable reasons for these attacks were likely to be targeted to several political-related servers hosted within Jaring Network.
Due to these attacks on the network, web and e-mail services were directly affected, causing our servers to be inaccessible. When this happened, our mail servers continue to receive incoming mails but cannot be retrieved out or accessed by our users. As such, the mail system became filled with mails to the maximum limit. Once this happened, the remaining of the mails was distributed to our backup mail server for storage. That's why you may also experience mail delays.
Mail delay happened when the mails are being stored in our backup mail system and will be pushed back to the main system only when the network resume. Mail storage getting full happened when the mails are all inside the main system but have not been downloaded by the users.
We have complained to Jaring management and requested them to improve their service. We've also requested them to segment out the targeted servers from our network and to implement a better network monitoring as well as improving their response time. The Jaring IDC has been a stable data centre all these years, only recently they've encountered these issues.
We apologise for the inconveniences caused to you and please be assured that we’re doing our best to continuously identify and rectify the issues encountered.
Best regards,